Architect Jeff Miller took a flier on a screen test and got the part. Boy, did he. Little did he know that starring in the fantasy blockbuster The War of the Risen would reveal his true nature as dragonmaster of The Fifth Circle. Without any memory of his past, he has to fake it 'til he makes it amid insidious politics on his breathtaking new home world, try and rescue his family who are not at all who he thought they were, and stand between ancient enemies and the eradication of Earth. 

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Sneak Preview of The Fifth Circle, Vol. II

The adventure continues as Titus fights his duplicitous past, a death sentence placed on him by political rivals, a race of beings from another Multiverse intent on draining ours of its energy--and the price he must pay to keep the Domains from annihilation. All the while, his extraordinary family takes their place at his side while the cosmos' plan for him is revealed--a plan that may cost him more than he can give. 

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Character Gallery

Check out the latest character sketches from The Fifth Circle, illustrated by the incomparable Dejan Delic.


Character Spotlight

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What’s on your bookshelf? Re-hashed Tolkien? Not-so-juvenile look-alike Divergent Hunger Mazes? The endless fantasy series that promise sex, thrones, and bloody entrails? Or even worthy books that “challenge” the reader, not in the least with their hernia-inducing fifteen thousand pages and climbing, whether the author is alive, dead, or has passed the oily torch to someone to keep the franchise viable?

Are you looking for a book so different, a hero so utterly familiar, profane, and confused, set against a galactic backdrop peopled with a new, distinctive cast (but doesn’t require pages of maps or a character glossary), that all an intelligent science fiction and fantasy reader can do is to crack a beer or pour a glass of fine wine, sit down in a comfy chair, and exclaim, “About fucking time?” 

That book is The Fifth Circle.

Taking the best of science fiction and fantasy, tossing them into the blender with huge shots of humor, adventure, compassion, romance, loss, and redemption, this not-so-frothy concoction tells the story of a man from present day Earth named Jeff Miller, and how he precipitously discovers he’s actually Titus Dragonmaster, and not so gently returned to his home world where he must again take up the mantle of leading the Fifth Circle. What’s so rich and powerful about The Fifth Circle is it’s easy to imagine any of us in Jeff’s shoes, how we would react to the strangeness about him, rediscover relationships thousands of years old, and how he would fight implacable enemies and deal with political intrigues—without a clear memory of much of anything to do with his role. When it comes right down to it, all Jeff really wants to do is go back to Earth or, barring that, at least find a great IPA.

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