Tales From the Rim

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Twenty five years after the events of The Fifth Circle, Titus Dragonmaster has fled the leadership burden of his Circle for deeply personal reasons and has become a Rimstalker—a solo fighter, mercenary, and adventurer who lives out on the Rim, a lawless and most decidedly strange place at the edge of the galaxy. He has reluctantly allowed Jaka, a twenty year-old orphan with no place to go, to travel with him. Over the course of a few years, they have become a legendary team, seeking their fortune on the Rim, while exploring, discovering, and protecting the Domains. Titus lives under constant threat from the Fifth Circle, who desperately seeks to return him so he can take up his place again as their Dragonmaster. But between Jaka, Savadaan, a battle-scarred Rimstalker who knows Titus better than he lets on, and a host of weird and wonderful denizens of the Rim, Titus continues to fight the good fight with a Mostar rifle in one hand and an IPA in the other.

The tales presented here are non-linear by design, although there can be overlap between them and the events of The Fifth Circle. Please enjoy the excerpts and an occasional complete Tale From the Rim. 

How She Got Her Name

“How She Got Her Name” recounts when Titus and Jaka first meet on a forlorn forward station while Beats Working gets her yearly maintenance. Anxious to have Titus take her out to the Rim, Jaka—known then only as “The Girl”—keeps getting pushback from Titus. Instead, he tells her stories he insists are true, but seem to have no point. As time ticks down for Titus’ departure, The Girl learns more than she bargains for about how stories really do end, just as Titus realizes he’s not the only one with a sorrowful past. Read an excerpt here.

Scraping By

Gere scraping in the Domains is highly illegal because the produce can be used for traceless cellular regeneration which can be sold to unsavories for astronomical fees. Titus and Jaka have created a name for themselves taking out labs—at similarly lucrative fees—but the danger acceptance for the work gets to Titus after a while. Time for a break? Jaka isn’t ready to sit on the porch for a while and watch the world go by, so she cooks up an airtight scheme to get Titus back on the beam. Read an excerpt here.

Bad Day At The Office

Even Rimstalkers have their off moments. When Titus and Jaka botch a vivisection rescue, they're lucky to get out in one piece. But when Jaka starts questioning their livelihood--and even her desire to stay on the Rim with Titus--urgency and circumstance presents an even more complex operation. As Jaka seeks answers and Titus is unable to answer her existential questions, he finds he must go into the heart of a deadly conspiracy with an unmotivated partner. Will one bad day at the office cost them their friendship and perhaps both their lives?  Available shortly.