Character Spotlight -- Rannyar

As the son of a dragonmaster, would you not expect Justin to be one himself? His ascended name is Rannyar “he who sees around clouds.” After helping the fleet destroy a nearly inconceivable foe in interstellar combat, he has a choice to make: begin his training on Here with the madwoman Het, who has the wherewithal to raise him to his potential, or take his chances with the depleted ranks of the other Circles? His choice is inspired and frustrates Titus’s enemies while bringing him closer to those that truly care for him.

Het confronted Rannyar.

“Young dragon! You spurned Tannann, a foolish denial of self that nearly cost the Domains their very existence. Else why did Loskeene need to join with you, direct your inelegant grasp of precognition, the lines of the future Tannann could have sharpened for you with a thought, a simple send, just as she kindled your sister’s understanding of her psychokinesis? A moment’s insight to set you on your path? Instead, nearly a quadrillion sentient beings held their breath, wondering if it would be their last.

“Rannyar,” she continued derisively. “He who sees around clouds. That is but a shabby parlor trick compared to correctly anticipating complex outcomes before they are born. Your precognition points toward tomorrows we must have. Then envision not a step, a mere spark of understanding, but a lifetime, a dragon’s lifetime of scholarship, of mastery, until you see the future we want, even if it isn’t a future we might have expected. Let Tannann show you the true meaning of your lines, elevate you to your calling.”

“My calling is my own to decide. I don’t trust Tannann.”

“Ungracious of you, young dragon. While my Tannann can be insistent at times, she is nevertheless revered throughout the Domains for her strength of mind. No other dragon that flies has disciplined their psychic acuity so, and you will likewise come to revere your preceptress for her extravagant rigor. Of that I am certain, so put yourself at ease."