Loskeene -- The White Assassin

Loskeene -- The White Assassin

Character Spotlight -- Loskeene

Loskeene is Lisa's ascended name. Tannann has reshaped her form to match her dragon avatar: the White Assassin. Emotionless, unable to speak, Loskeene channels her gifts through control, or psychokinesis, the same facility that she and her brother used to defeat the bizarre Fixture Levy. She has given up control to gain control, completely ignoring her brother, father and mother in pursuit of refining her gift. Unlike her family, however, she can never appear other than she is: she’s a freak: it’s what she wanted.


Loskeene’s blank façade cracked a seam; there was, it looked to be after all, something of self-knowledge evidenced in the way she tilted her head. “I didn’t know I’d have to give up so much, my innocence. Or was my innocence taken from me?”

“It wasn’t,” Savadaan replied at his instructive best. “Innocence cannot be stolen and thus unmade by others, for there is nothing to steal, nothing to be unmade. Innocence is inextricably bound to ignorance. The loss of one means the loss of the other. One can only look back on the purity innocence brought to the simple act of being, and, in recognizing its absence, know that it once existed, and some find this unpleasant, feel grief for what they have surrendered. What you meant is that Het robbed you of that choice to reflect…or not. Instead, she cast you headlong into her teachings, and what was lost can never be regained, lesser or greater, never as it was.”

“Of all the grandfathers I could have had, I get a philosopher.” She turned sharply to me. “Thanks a lot, Titus. I feel so much better now.”

I didn’t really know how to respond, but Savadaan sure did. “All philosophy is, Loskeene, is an attempt to make sense of the world. Is that important to you? Or has your world collapsed so precipitously that even the lights of songs have ceased to matter? If thus, then you cannot be helped and you know that. Perhaps it is yourself you have lost.”

“I am not lost, grandfather. Indeed, my intention has never been more unambiguous. The control of my world, as I have said, consumes me. Is it important that regret and loss consume me as well, I ask you? Could I have achieved what I have to this moment if so? Not without such clarity of purpose. So simple emotions have become as sand I walk on to reach the sea, nothing else. My innocence, lost or not, is eventually a grain in the great strand of the Multiverse and my musing is but to satisfy your mean curiosity.”

Teach her well, Tannann, Het had said at Unison. Clearly, Tannann had done just that. This was not the daughter I knew.