Character Spotlight -- Mykanna

Mykanna is Titus’s mate on Here. Once inseparable, a grievous accident during the first Axxaan war inexplicably damaged Mykanna, causing her to exist in a strange half-life just as she and Titus had begun building the Fifth Circle. Over time Titus pulled away from Mykanna, only using her eldritch capabilities to gain political advantage. Eventually, Titus’s grief over the loss of what he knew of Mykanna drove him to his self-exile on Earth. When Jeff returns as Titus, however, those memories are gone and he reestablishes his relationship with Mykanna which is a good thing: she turns out to be far more important to the cosmology of Here and the Domains than anyone had ever guessed.


“I think,” she uncoiled off the arch and walked up to me. “I think I like the new Titus more than the old Titus.”
“Well, good. Because this is the only one there is.”
“And you’re mine.” Mykanna leaned into me, and our lips met softly. She rested her chin in the crook of my neck. “You’ve been gone for so long.”
“Watch the warrior’s wounds.” I recommended and we kissed again, deeper, more completely. I put my good hand behind her head and felt heat beneath that sublime hair. Mykanna was almost as tall as I—at least in our human form—and everything about us was marvelously fluid. When we broke off, it took each of us a while to find our breath.
“I don’t know really how to explain it, Titus. New Titus. You’re just more…” She searched the floor as it held scattered clues. Then she studied me again. “You’re more tender. Open. I don’t know, more complete? And more thoughtful and you don’t get angry and you…”
“I what?”
In a sudden turn she pulled away from me giggling, but kept hold of my hand and forced me to move with her. “You make me laugh! You make me want to sing again! Remember when I sang for you? Do you remember when we flew the world? The little islands? Singing to the five moons? Remember those cold nights above tree line where we sang and danced to bonfires? The high desert at dawn? Such songs! That perfect wooded glade so very far from anywhere else? Or just the day-to-day being in the City, the patterns, the songs, the lovemaking? The times we went to the High Suns Festival in costume? No one knew who we were, and it was so delicious! Remember?”
With a dancer’s spin, Mykanna was back in my arms. Of course I didn’t remember. I didn’t remember any of it. But I sure remembered the feeling of being with her.