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Character Spotlight -- Tannann

A simple fleet redactor, she took on increasingly difficult interrogations and found she enjoyed the…cruelty of psychically extracting truths from her subjects. As a high-paid private redactor, she refined her merciless skills until Het tapped her as Curate, second in command of Third Circle. With abhorrent and abstruse tastes outside her official duties, Tannann is Het’s constant companion—and lover—who helps her dragonmaster gain substantial advantage in her inscrutable political ploys. She plays an ever increasing role in drawing Titus’s children into Het’s embrace.


Tannann caught me before I could erupt. Titus. Leave her to her games. It’s hardly worth it…talk to your daughter. Het won’t let you go until you do…It’s that critical to her.

How critical? I shot back, having no idea whether what I thought/said would make it back across the table.

Do you value your darling friend?

Reluctantly, I slid my eyes toward Jaka and was convinced she had been left out of the conversation, such as it was. Small favors. I still wanted to go Krakatoa but I remembered who was playing in the other jerseys, as Allyn so recently—and pointedly—reminded me at lunch:

“You must realize, Titus, Tannann is a creature of mind; that is, in pursuit of her desires she has so twisted her fundamental nature by force of will as to be nearly unrecognizable as a dragon, even a dragon with acute traumas or diseases of the brain that render entire regions unusable in ordinary thought. This was only accelerated by Het’s loathsome surgery. Yet her adversaries don’t realize this, or fail to realize to what degree she is no longer a dragon such as you or I because she can certainly appear normal when it suits her. Apparently that becomes less the case with each passing day. A typical example, if I may.

“There are certain female insects that, when copulating, decapitate their partner at the moment of release. The Mystics aver that the pleasure of the male at that moment is more intense, more exquisite than we can conceive of by far. It had better be, because it is the last it will ever experience in this quant reality.

"Tannann understands this and too well; the difference is that instead of unalloyed ecstasy, she induces an equally transcendent pain, robbing her victims not only of their gratification but their dignity as well. The neurotransmitters released during this process feed Tannann, and in this way she is sated, replete, and often blissfully incapacitated. Yet the sensations quickly dissipate and, like those unfortunates that cannot long remain whole without the refined extracts of certain flowers and plants, or the produce of endocrine glands harvested from rare mammals, including a type of bear, she ever predates. Tannann never rushes the process and actually tries to extend the moment as long as possible, but even after so much careful attention I am told the physical state of her partners, when at last the Taker arrives, is quite repellant. Some say the Taker can be likewise repelled and the thought of mercy occasionally crosses her mind—or whatever force animates her—but she never acts out of compassion for she cannot.

“Tannann’s hideous appetites remain unknown and unguessed outside a select few in core Third Circle, therefore her source of this…her nourishment is virtually limitless and assuredly willing, given her succubus guise. If, on rare occasion, questions are raised, they go unanswered and eventually turn to dust like autumn leaves. Her position as Third Circle curate all but guarantees it.”

“So what you’re telling me is she’s pretty fucked up.”

“If I understand your colloquialism correctly, you are on the right vector yet off by orders of magnitude.”