Roger Waters

My Crazy Obsession

Some people like fast cars. Never saw the appeal. Some people like an expensive watch. I'd only lose it. Some people like boats. Too much work.

But when it comes to throwing away disposable income, I do have an Achilles heel: rock concerts. Back in the day, I was a DJ at the college radio station and developed a life-long passion for concerts and have seen perhaps every notable band live, from Led Zeppelin to 30 Seconds to Mars. And, as anyone who has followed the demise of the recording business knows, bands make their money from concerts these days rather than sales. Hence, sky-high prices

My obsession's particular manifestation, however, is a little more pernicious because it involves another life-long love, travel. In 2004, it wasn't just enough to se the band Yes in LA, San Jose, and Vegas, they were also playing in Lugano, Switzerland. Badda bing, badda boom. Europe, here I come.

I bring this up because I had another attack of grand madness over the weekend. Having seen the insanely fantastic Roger Waters Us+Them tour in San Jose last week, I was casually checking Ticketbastard for his other tour dates--casually, I said--and lo and behold, he's playing in Vancouver at the end of October. Hmmm... Vancouver...2 hours from SFO... miles... Well, before I even had a chance to curb myself, tickets were bought and the itinerary set. 

It's truly a sickness.

For those who didn't go or aren't going, a taste: