Synopsis and Excerpt for The Girl, The Rimstalker, and Everything Now Availabe

Been a while between updates but in between furiously working on Titus and Jaka’s first full-length adventure and the craziness of life, I’ve finally been able to craft a synopsis—they ain’t easy—and get up an entertaining excerpt.

I’m about 2/3rds done on the first draft and in another 6 weeks, should have it wrapped up. Then the fun part of editing, revising, and getting beta readers to comment on it starts. For you non-writers out there, the first draft is tough, but so are all the things that follow. I must have been insane or really, really drunk when I decided to do this writing thing.

I will continue to post updates, and hopefully the next one will not be three months from now. Enjoy!

Tales From the Rim.

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