The 280 Character Pitch

#PitMad is coming on September 6. You can pick up an agent or even sell your manuscript based on 280 little characters (of course they have to be the right characters).

#PitMad is one of the oldest Twitterverse pitching contests that happens for 12 hours four times a year. . You get 280 characters to pitch (and hashtag genre/age) and if a literary agent finds the pitch compelling enough, they might ask you to submit (and a referral submit is always better than a blind submit). Many #PitMad participants have signed agents and/or received book deals baste on 280 little characters.

Caveat: it's hard to distill 116,000 word story into 280 characters. Eve if you don't submit to #PitMad, it's good practice in brevity, boiling your book down to its root premise, character, conflict, and stakes. Perfect for refining your query and/or synopsis.

Read all about #PitMad here: #PitMad September 6, 2018 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT.