High School Alumnus -- Finally Again

Was never big on the high school reunion stuff. Had a great time at Paly (Palo Alto High School for those not of the body), but life is nothing if not days between stations and I moved on, didn't let the past consume me. Gods below, it's hard enough to get by day to day.

But recently found out a classmate had passed -- not that I particularly liked him and the feeling was mutual -- so you go back and see the obits. Again, no one I gave a hoot in hell for, but other classmates gave a shit about them. So I finally signed up on the alumni website. 

One of the hardest things to do as a writer is create, animate, and feel a character that has no redeeming qualities. They just are. No love, hate, affinity or disdain; they exist to fill a congruent role that the MC must deal with...or not. But we know these people. This is part of the fabric of our lives that enrich our experience (granted not much and who knows from what direction). But it's real life.

I won't ever go to a reunion (I couldn't care less about most of them when I was 17 and that has not changed). What would I say after all this time? Whatever those words might be, they'd be honest enough now to get a black eye and a fat lip and if I want that, all I needs do is make a disparaging comment about Jiminy's wardrobe. Pow!  Right to the moon!

Titus has a similar epiphany in volume 3 (oh...I didn't tell you there's a third book?) but the trigger is much different than this one. I may not be going to any reunions, but I am not quite crotchety enough, it seems, to pretend the past never happened.