Deny. Deny Deny. Global Warming Is A Hoax (throws up).

It is 1 PM on the afternoon of 4 February (13:00 for my friends in Europe) and it is 77 degrees (again, for right-thinking countries, 25 degrees). This is a bit, um, unusual. Generally speaking--and us in Northern Californians keep it a deep-state secret -- January and February are pretty darn nice, particularly when you know that June through August is always socked in with fog. There's a reason why they sell so many sweatshirts to non-California tourists at Fisherman's Wharf. And , again, generally speaking there's usually a few days here and there between January and April where the weather can be warm for a day or two. 

Um, not so much this year. This is the 5th day in a row of 70 + (21 +) degrees with no measurable precipitation or cooling in sight. It ain't normal! Now, as completely fucked up as the gestalt of wrong this is, you kinda have to take advantage of good weather when you can get it -- particularly in The City (NOT Frisco and NOT San Fran!). Yet if is the new normal, I'm alarmed, as most  people should be. 

Oh, well. Time for another Mai Tai. Sees yuz!