A Tale of Two Zippers

The title of this blog post is not the lead, but the punch line. 

Last week, Jiminy Cricket and I went the see The Musical Box (a 1973-era Genesis re-creation band... fantastic). After an early dinner in West Portal we took MUNI Metro to Civic Center then the 47 bus up Van Ness to Sutter where the venue, The Regency Ballroom, is located.


As we sat on the bus, Jiminy was having trouble with her down vest's zipper and an elderly African American gentleman sitting next to us said that he could fix it. So, as the bus rumbled up Van Ness, he worked and worked and worked...until he came to his stop. He was in the midst of apologizing for not completing the work when this older Chinese lady across the aisle darts in, takes the vest, and says "I fix!" 

Jaws drop. She fixes. We get off at Sutter. 

On reflection, it seems to me that a lot of people only see the dark side of riding public transit in urban areas. What this demonstrated to us was that it takes a community--and that means everyone--to make a city great. I like to think Titus would think similarly about Fifth Circle City.