Update: The Girl, The Rimstalker, and Everything

Been a while here in updating progress, but good news! The progress on the first Tales from the Rim Book, The Girl, The Rimstalker, and Everything, is proceeding at pace.

Twenty five years after the events in The Fifth Circle volumes, Titus has abandoned his role as dragonmaster to become a soldier of fortune, living and fighting out on the Rim, the lawless expanse between the Domains and the edge of the Multiverse.

After rescuing Jaka, a young, abused girl from certain tragedy, they have become inseparable fighters against the evil, the unscrupulous, and the domains that would set to enslave the galaxy. But all that is put at risk two years later when Titus is blackmailed into an unthinkable op: the extraction of one of the Domains’ most powerful political figures — and a past lover from his early days in Diplomatic Corps.

The high political stakes and past emotions put Titus and Jaka’s working relationship—and their friendship—at stake. Yet they both must put all that behind them so they can help keep out interlopers from another Multiverse—interlopers that may destroy our Multiverse just by their presence.

In The Girl, The Rimstalker, and Everything, you’ll meet old friends we know so well along with a host of new characters from Titus’s past—both noble and quite unsavory. Most important, the book introduces Jaka, the tough-as-nails girl who is just as good at her crossbow skills as she is at drinking anyone under the table.

More updates as they become available . . .

Titus and Jaka.jpg