Finally, A Jeff I Can Love

When I first started working on The Fifth Circle gallery with the incomparable illustrator Dejan Delic, we started with an illustration of architect Jeff Miller, the book's main character who doesn't realize until later that he is in reality Titus Dragonmaster

The first illustration of Jeff was a fraught process because it had been the first time Dejan and I had collaborated on a character study and the results were, after many back-and-forths, less than satisfactory. So much so I was reluctant to include it in the gallery. Not a knock on anyone, just growing pains.

As Dejan and I moved on to other characters, we refined our working relationship, particularly as Titus appeared in other sketches and then a series of scenes. By then, Dejan had really nailed the look and the character aura. 

I recently went back to Dejan to see if we couldn't take what we'd learned and try again with Jeff. The results, below, are awesome. Dejan rocks. Also, be sure to check out his Deviant Art page--it's chock full of terrific fantasy and SF character illustrations.

Architect Jeff Miller from The Fifth Circle