The Fifth Circle -- Volume II

Tonight I sent of The Fifth Circle, Volume II to my estimable developmental editor, Sarah Kolb-Williams. She has been an invaluable source (read: godsend) for identifying story arc flaws, inconsistent character actions, plot holes, and MC motivation and stakes, among her many other talents with track changes. Can't wait to get through the process because if you thought Volume I was a doozy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. More reveals, hidden pasts, military sci-fi, deep mysteries of the Here cosmology, and, of course, dragons. And no IPA. All narrated but a twenty-first century dragonmaster who swears like a sailor and wears pop culture refernces on his sleeve. Great new characters, expanded roles for favorite regulars, and an ending you have to read to believe. 

As soon as I get it back and apply a good polish, I'll post some Volume II content. Try it... you'll like it.  In the meantime, I plan to update Volume I excerpts -- there's a lot of cool shit that hasn't seen HTML. Stand by.