Sit Rep

Here it is almost February and it’s time to post a situation report. After a developmental and copy edit of The Fifth Circle, Volume I, the manuscript is locked and loaded and looking for a home at a reputable publisher. Actually, a reputable agent who can connect it with a reputable publisher. Reputably. So queries are going out. A few months late as the schedule goes, but I’ve been sucked back into brand strategy engagements for a branding and identity consultancy; it pays some bills and is actually pretty darn interesting and fun.

Closing fast on finishing The Fifth Circle, Volume II and will put it through the same editorial mill as above. If you want to become a beta reader, drop me a line. Happy to share and I have a thick skin.

The Fifth Circle, Volume III is beat-sheeted (outlined) and the first draft is about a quarter complete. The Fifth Circle, Volume IV is underway, with various scenes drafted out. Still need to beat-sheet it, but it’s going to be a gas to write, as is everything else Fifth Circle.

Hope to have more regular updates (hah!) now that the big push is over. As Titus would say, “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”