Out The Chute

First blog post. Hmmmm…. (puts hands on hips, looks around). Ahem.

Welcome to The Sixth Circle, a blog about all things speculative fictional, particularly when it comes to my book The Fifth Circle and a growing collection of stories called, Tales From The Rim.

In this space, I hope to spark conversations about books and media that have influenced me, how we pursue the craft of fiction writing and, of course, where to get a good IPA. This blog will only be successful based on what you put into it so I invite discussion, disagreement, and digressions intended to broaden our appreciation of the genre. Because when all is said and done, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the sub-flavors of all are pretty damn interesting. World building, I feel, is the beginning, the foundation upon which we can tell stories that inform, make us laugh, and move us. That create an emotional response in us that we take with us through the rest of our days.

That being said, let me ask: what stories move you? What books do you remember long after you’ve put them down? What has inspired you in your pursuit of the craft, whether it be writing or ditch digging? Let’s find out together, shall we? (Takes a step forward.)