Well, hello there. I’m Don and I am a speculative fiction writer. Oh, I’ve done plenty of other odd jobs, but I like the way this particular one works despite the fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I delivered newspapers: the district manager drops them off, you wrap them with a rubber band, you break windows, you go home and watch cartoons. I also ran a desk at a car rental agency with some of the most dysfunctional people you ever hope not to meet, but when you clocked off, there was a cold one waiting for you at home. I worked in a restaurant—as I think everyone in the first world should—and bussed tables, was a prep chef, and a million other odd jobs that included stomping roaches in the kitchen first thing in the morning before they could hide.

I spent time in film school at UCLA and ended up being taught how to be a Mad Man. But before I packed my meager possessions off to NYC, I discovered the soft white underbelly of technology marketing and have worked in the biz since then. I’ve also worked for and with some of the most notorious CEOs and entrepreneurs in the valley and have seen shit that would make your hair stand on end. So naturally I wrote a book about it.

But I’ve always been a writer at heart and it was the rare talent of not being afraid of a blank page (or screen) that served me well in technology marketing. And even though I kept my fiction writing chops fairly sharp while raising a family and co-founded three writers groups, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to make the career change permanent.

Check out the site. My baby, The Fifth Circle, is seeking a permanent home at a respected publisher, hopefully through the aegis of an agent who can see the richness of the book’s universe, its unique hero and band of characters, and the compelling story of an everyman placed into anything but an everyday situation. I have also begun a series of loosely-connected stories set some years later in the same universe and have made some of those stories fully accessible—enjoy! And there is that book about the technology industry that further underscores the old adage that truth is often stranger than fiction.

Please feel free to contact me at all the usual places; just go to my contact page. I look forward to adding more and more content over time and, as such, continue to delight readers with my work.